Want to organize a contest?

Want to get on the Armlifting USA Leader Boards and Season Rankings?

Want to introduce people to Armlifting?  

Want to find out how much you can lift?

The best way to do it is in an official Armlifting USA contest.

The sanction fee for an official contest is $55 for a local contest, $75 for a regional contest, and $100 for a National level contest.  This money can easily be spread out as part of the entry fee to the contest.

Why Sanction with Armlifting USA?

If you have held grip contests before, you may have asked yourself why you would you consider sanctioning your next competition with Armlifting USA. What kind of value can we bring to your event?


First, you're going to get the years of experience hosting dozens, if not hundreds, of competitions by Odd Haugen & Clay Edgin. They have both hosted events with thousands of competitors over the last 20+ years and have streamlined the process of standardization, scorekeeping, and building a network with top-tier sponsors that you can tap into.

In addition, we will introduce you to our network of Armlifting USA sponsors who are interested in seeing Armlifting grow in the United States and can provide you with resources or prizes to give away. 

Marketing Support

You also have the combined marketing voice of all sponsor outlets through their social media accounts, as well as making Armlifting USA a co-host on Facebook and website listing.  Even if you were to spend that same $100 sanctioning fee to buy advertising on Instagram or Facebook, it still would not reach a fraction of the people interested in your meet. That alone is a huge benefit!

Production Support

We want your event to look as professional and, dare we say, over the top as possible. We can provide you with score sheet templates via Google Sheets or Excel, connections with our commercial banner printing company to get a discounted backdrop banner like the one being used at California's Strongest Hands, access to discounted Armlifting USA t-shirts to give away as prizes or sell, and personal contact with us anytime to answer any questions you might have along the way or to help you out with creative ways to get your event seen.

Post-event Support

All competitions that get sanctioned with Armlifting USA also get their competitors’ achievements logged onto the leaderboards for the respective lifts. Within a day or two of sending the results to us, your competitors can see their names on our website and have their performances shared across all our social media outlets.

To that end, Armlifting USA is also committed to establishing and maintaining American Records for all weight classes with a multitude of grip devices. Currently, there is not one single outlet anywhere that people can go to see the top lifts done by Americans on standardized equipment from many different manufacturers.

Finally, sanctioning your competition with Armlifting USA will make your competitors eligible to be considered for the addition to Team USA who will compete in St. Petersburg, Russia at the World Armlifting Championships in the spring. With your $100 sanctioning fee, you can enable your competitors to have an incredible experience competing halfway across the world on the biggest stage in the sport. We have the full support of the Armlifting Professional League (“APL”) to welcome Team USA to Russia and their full commitment to assist with visas. We are also developing systems for fundraising that will help subsidize part or all of Team USA’s travel costs.

As we continue to grow, there is the potential to send Team USA to other countries to represent the US in other international armlifting contests.  

In summary, sanctioning your competition with Armlifting USA is the single best investment you can make to help progress the sport. Please consider helping us elevate the sport in America to being competitive on a world level and reaching out to new competitors nationwide.

If you’re ready to get started, click on the link here to sanction your meet and let’s work together to make your event the best yet!


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