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What is Armlifting?

Along with other notables in the strongman world, Odd Haugen was big on the Rolling Thunder from day 1, and this led to the inaugural IronMind Rolling Thunder World Championships in 2000, which kicked off Haugen’s Beauty and the Beast competition. Rolling Thunder contests also flourished below the world championships level, and in 2010 Armlifting was born when a Russian armwrestling promoter asked IronMind for permission to organize grip contests featuring the Rolling Thunder, dubbing the competitions Armlifting. So, armlifting is the Russian name for grip contests that began with the Rolling Thunder, and have since come to include such other grip world staples as the Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift and CoC Silver Bullet Hold.  The mission of Armlifting USA is to increase the participation in Armlifting in the United States.  




New online challenge - sponsored by Fat Gripz

We are going to have a DOUBLE OVERHAND deadlift contest with the Fat Gripz Extreme (Orange).

6 weight classes










  • Lifters have to submit a video on IG tagging @armliftingusa, @fatgripz, and #armliftingusa.
  • It has to be a real deadlift with Orange Fat Gripz (no replica) with a full lockout (head up) and hold at the top.
  • Thumbless grip os NOT allowed.
  • You must use a standard 28mm bar or larger diameter.
  • The bar must be straight.  Bent bars can alter the lift.
  • The Far Gripz cannot be modified in anyway.
  • Chalk is allowed.
  • NO wrist wraps.
  • Lower the bar under control after completing the deadlift.
  • No hitching or supporting the bar on the legs prior to locking out the weight.
  • The bar MUST be pulled off of the floor, not from mats.
  • You must hold the Fat Gripz as they were intended to be used with all fingers on the Fat Gripz.
  • Submit your bodyweight honestly.

Leaderboards will be live under the CONTEST RESULTS section of the website.

The contest will last for the whole month of December.

It is open to ANY ARMLIFTING USA MEMBER.  If someone wants to compete, they must join Armlifting USA.  

Membership can be purchased on ArmliftingUSA.com

Prizes - a free pair of FatGripz (color of the lifter's choice) to the winner of each weight class.

Thanks Fat Gripz!


2020 APL World's Dates Announced!

Interested in traveling to Russia to represent the Red, White, and Blue?

The APL has officially announced the dates for the 2020 World Championships.

See the Seasons Rankings page to get more information about how to qualify and book YOUR SPOT to St. Petersburg.


Promote a contest= Save money!

If you promote a contest for Armlifting USA, IronMind has graciously offered a discount on their equipment.

Sanction a contest and then we will provide you with a discount code!!

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