About Us


Odd Haugen

Chairman of the Board



  • Strongest Man in America at the 1999 A.F.S.A. U.S.A. Full Strength Championship 
  • Hawaii’s Strongest Man in 2000, 2001 and 2002. 
  • 3x World's Strongest Man Competitor
  • 3rd Place in 2011 Masters World’s Strongest Man
  • 2013 World Champion in Armlifting
  • 2017 World Champion in Armlifting
  • Multiple wins in armlifting, powerlifting, mas wrestling, and strongman contests

Riccardo Magni; grip, armlifting

Riccardo Magni

Secretary General




Competed in track and field, powerlifting, strongman, and Highland Games.

Best Armlifting Finishes:

  • 4th place Bonehill Grip Contest in Finland (105kg class)
  • 2nd place 2018 LA ViseGrip Viking (100kg class)
  • 3rd place 2017 Anaheim ViseGrip Viking (Open class)
  • 4th place 2017 APL Worlds - Hub (Open class)
  • 3rd place 2015 LA ViseGrip Viking (Open class)
  • Multiple time WR holder in Shallow Hub and 5" BullRing


Clay Edgin




  • Strongman competitor since 2003 
  • “A” level Highland Games thrower Powerlifter since 2006 (best raw lifts include 550 squat / 410 bench / 713 deadlift) 
  • Strongman Corporation State Chairman for New Mexico from 2007-2009 
  • Director of Sport Development Mas Wrestling USA
  • International Referee for International Mas Wrestling Federation 
  • USPA Certified State Judge      
  • USAPL Certified State Judge 
  • First American to compete in Mas Wrestling World Cup in Russia 
  • Ironmind #3 certified Captain of Crush (2003) 
  • Ironmind #4 Captains of Crush closer (2004 uncertified)
  • Ironmind Red Nail bender (2004) 
  • Mash Monster gripper certifications 0 through 5
  • First man to bend Grade 5 5/16″ x 7″ long tempered steel bolt, now called “Edgin bolts” 
  • First man to complete Ironmind’s “Crushed to Dust” grip challenge 
  • Medaled in 2017 World Armlifting Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Multiple medals in 2018 World Armlifting Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Current WR holder in Ironmind #4 Silver Bullet


Chad Clark




  • VA State Chair Strongman      Corp
  • Mas Wrestling Director
  • Director Green Hill      highland games
  • Athletic director Radford      Highlander festival
  • 45 years old 
  • animal lover