What is Armlifting?


Armlifting is a sport wherein a weight is lifted or manipulated with a predominant dependence on grip strength. Armlifting began as a single-discipline grip competition (Rolling Thunder) and since expanded to include multiple events, with multiple classes, opening the sport to more people.

Competition format

An Armlifting contest sanctioned by Armlifting USA shall consist of at least these two (2) of these three (3) disciplines:

IronMind® Rolling Thunder® One Arm Deadlift (ArmliftingUSA.com Leader Board and official records kept on IronMind® Equipment ONLY)

IronMind® CoC Silver Bullet Hold ArmliftingUSA.com 

IronMind® Apollon’s Axle Double Overhand Deadlift (ArmliftingUSA.com Leader Board and official records kept on IronMind® Apollon’s Axle and standard size plates ONLY)

One or more grip related disciplines may be added such as IronMind® Hub, Little Big Horn, BlockBuster Pinch Block, Saxon Bars, Country Crush handles etc.

Competitions can be conducted in LAST MAN STANDING or FLIGHTS and ROUND formats.

The CoC® Silver Bullet Hold and other non-weight quantified disciplines may be added and scored as part of the overall score if an appropriately weighted scoring scheme/format is used (see below)

Overall Scoring: Percentage based scoring will be used. For example, if 100 kg wins the Rolling Thunder, that athlete will receive 100 points. If the second-place athlete lifts 90kg, they will receive 90 points. The winner is the athlete with the most points at the end of the contest. Should two athletes tie, the athlete with the lower body weight at the time of weigh ins will place higher. Should both athletes have identical body weight at weigh in, they will re weigh after the contest and the lighter athlete will place higher.