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How does it work?


Team USA Selection Process & Ranking System

One of the goals of Armlifting USA is to cultivate the sport enough within the United States that an official competitive Team USA could be assembled to participate in the APL World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia in the Spring. The following is a series of FAQ answered by Team Captain and Director of Armlifting USA Clay Edgin:

Who is Eligible for Nomination onto Team USA?

Anybody with a current Armlifting USA membership and who has competed in at least one AUSA-sanctioned event throughout the course of the calendar year is eligible for nomination to be a part of Team USA 

How Does Someone Get Nominated?

Your “Armlifting Total” which are the total of your best official scores in the standard Armlifting USA disciplines: Silver Bullet, Apollon’s Axle Deadlift, and Rolling Thunder attained in competition. These scores don’t all have to come from the same contest either; these are their best scores on the disciplines throughout all of their competitions in the year. It should be noted that the Saxon Bar Deadlift is one of the official APL disciplines contest at Worlds but only these three events listed here are used to assign rankings. Once attained, you will be ranked among other athletes in your weight class.

How Many People Can Get Nominated?

While we want everyone to have an opportunity participate in Armlifting and reduce as many barriers to entry as possible for the sport, we would like to limit the number of athletes to three in each weight class. For the men, the weight classes are 70kg/154lb, 80kg/176lb, 90kg/198lb, 100kg/220lb, 110kg/242lb, 125kg/275lb, and 125kg/275lb plus. For the women, the weight classes are 60kg/132lb, 80kg/176lb and 80kg/176lb plus. 

How Do You Decide Who Gets Nominated?

The top 3 highest totals in each class will receive nominations to be a part of Team USA. Those ranked #4 and #5 in each class will be the alternates in the event that any of the top 3 cannot attend the competition. 

When are Nominations Made?

Nominations are made at the end of the year and emails are sent to qualifying athletes  and alternates on December 31st.